A Preview of New Work Currently in Development

Conçu par J.Travis Bennett Russett

A night club (stylized TechNoir) in James Cameron’s 1984 film The Terminator. The club was the site of a shooting as a T-800, a robotic humanoid sent from the future, attempted to assassinate Sarah Connor. Sarah Connor escaped with Kyle Reese, a soldier in the human resistance also apparently from the future. A number of club patrons were collaterally injured or killed in the attack.

‘Tech Noir’, coined by James Cameron, refers to a film genre combining the styles of ‘Film Noir’ and ‘Sci-Fi’.

β (beta)

This work is currently in beta development; it will be complete soon.

Design; Computational Programming; 3-D and 2-D Drawing; Computer Rendering; Graphics and Presentation; and Description… Developed by J.Travis Bennett Russett

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